Why Proper Maintenance of Off-Road Crawler Vehicles is So Critical

Maintenance of off-road crawlers and other off-road vehicles can be tricky because you don’t drive them regularly. Most vehicles are manufactured to be driven daily, and that process revives your battery, engine, starter and other important components. Without proper maintenance, you and your off-road vehicle could wind up stuck somewhere in the boonies with no help in sight.


The ASE-Certified auto technicians at Dick’s Automotive serving Clovis and Fresno recommend regular maintenance of your off-road crawlers, especially if you’re not driving them regularly. Here are some specific checkpoints:   


Batteries and Alternators: In addition to losing battery power, hobby vehicles that sit for extended periods of time put extra stress on alternators. That’s because most alternators are engineered to keep batteries charged on a daily basis. But batteries that sit unused for long periods of time lose their power and require more from your alternator. Over time, the result is lower voltage levels and a series of jumpstarts until you replace the battery or the alternator, or both.    


Suspension and Alignment: Proper suspension and alignment affect more than your steering and the way your vehicle handles on and off the highway. They affect the wear and tear on your tires and bearings. Let’s face it, off-road riding can be tough on your suspension system, and the next time you try to turn your wheels, they may not go in another direction. Be sure to have both your suspension and alignment checked on a regular basis at Dick’s Automotive.    

Before you head out on one of those paths less traveled, be sure to have your off-road crawler inspected by the top-notch auto technicians at Dicks Automotive in Clovis and, while you're at it schedule regular maintenance for your everyday vehicle, too.


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