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brake-repair-clovis-caYour brakes are the most important safety feature that vehicle has to offer. With your brakes working properly they help you not only avoid accidents and road hazards, they also allow you to obey even the most basic traffic laws. There is also more to your braking system than just the brake pads. Brake pads are the component that most drivers are familiar with because they are the item that is addressed most often when it comes to your overall braking system.

The brake pads on your vehicle are meant to wear down over time as they protect your rotors from the heat and friction that is a by-product of stopping your vehicle even at low speeds. You might hear a squeak when using your brakes if your brake pads are low. This is because some brake pads come with a metal filament embedded in the brake pad to give off a warning sound when it is time to have them replaced.

Brake Fluid in Clovis, CA

Other issues that can negatively impact your braking system is acidic brake fluid. Overtime your brake fluid can become contaminated, when this happens your brake fluid will develop acidity that will attack the more vulnerable components in your braking system. We can perform a quick inspection of your brake fluid to see if it has become dangerous to your vehicle.

If your brake fluid is acidic, no problem, we can quickly and easily perform a brake fluid flush. This will allow us to clean out and replace the fluid in your brake lines. This preventative maintenance service will help avoid more costly brake system repairs later down the line. Therefore, if it has been a while since you’ve last had your brake fluid checked or you notice that your brakes are not operating as well as they used to, give us a call.

Here at Dick’s Automotive it is our goal to keep you on the road in a vehicle that is both safe and reliable. As you can imagine, your braking system has a lot to do with that. If you notice a spongy brake pedal or your vehicle takes longer to come to a full and complete stop, we are here to help.

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